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All Hail...It's Truffle Season!

Many would argue that one of the highlights of Fall is fashion week...but us Gourmands would say absolutely not. The best part of Fall is the arrival of Black Truffles! And with that comes incredible upgrades like try adding some slices of black truffles to your morning scrambled eggs! Mind blowingly delicious.

But I pay homage to these black beauties by making a gorgeous dish I had a few years ago in Montepulciano: Fettucini Al Tartufo. Or Black Truffle Fettucini.

The simplicity of this dish is astounding but yields an elegant and velvety dish sure to impress your family or guests. Pair it with a fabulous Brunello and voila! Perfection.

A warning, and something I've done that completely killed the dish, do not cook truffles or add truffles to extremely hot oil. The gorgeous truffles shrivel up and your dish will taste nothing like truffles. I cried when I did this.


Homemade linguini or your favorite pasta/gnocchi

1 cup olive oil

2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and slightly crushed

2-3 anchovies filets

3 oz Black Truffles finely grated + a few shaved slices for decoration

Salt and pepper


1. In a medium heavy bottomed pan, heat oil on medium heat and cook the garlic cloves. DO NOT let the garlic brown or burn. Add anchovies. (If garlic starts to golden, remove from pan and continue to cook anchovies until they have dissolved.)

2. Discard garlic and remove pan from heat. Let the oil mixture cool a bit.

3. Add the grated truffles, salt and pepper.

4. Toss cooked pasta in with the oil/truffle mix. If needed, add some cooking water to thicken the saw a bit.

5. To serve, top pasta with truffle shavings.


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