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Tangy Ginger Apple Puree

I made this by accident and honestly, it’s the yummiest puree I have made. I eat it when I crave something tangy.

My little one got a cold recently and I wanted to give him something he could taste as his clogged up nose made it difficult for him to taste his food. As a result he wasn’t eating normally. So I grabbed ingredients I knew would punch up a simple apple puree and came up with this beauty. Next time I may even add a bit of mint.

Makes 2 cups of puree, so feel free to have some or freeze some.

3 Pink Lady Organic Apples (you can use Honeycrisps, Gala or Empire apples)

1/4 cup fresh organic orange juice

1 tablespoon fresh ginger

Wash and core apples (if you would like to peel them, that’s fine). Place apples in steamer. Steam until soft. Add soft apples and steaming liquid into your blender along with the orange juice and ginger. Puree mixture until completely smooth. If you would like to add a bit of fat to the puree and make it more of a creamy puree, I would add a bit of organic heavy cream (no more than a teaspoon) or some whole milk.

This puree is just delicious. Your little one is sure to love it!

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