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There are pancakes and there are goofy pancakes. Difference? Poofy pancakes are cloud-like, with a rise like no other. And the taste? literally like biting into a buttery cloud. And they couldn't be easier to make. Just make sure not to rush and properly (and gently) fold in the egg whites so your pancakes are as poofy as can be.


2 eggs separated + 1 egg white

¼ teaspoon cream tartar

2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup milk or buttermilk

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

Pinch of salt

2 tablespoons neutral oil (like avocado, grapeseed or vegetable oil)


  1. In a medium bowl mix 2 egg yolks, sugar, milk (or buttermilk), flour, baking powder, salt and oil. Mix well until completely incorporated.

  2. Heat large nonstick frypan or griddle and lightly oil it.

  3. In a small bowl add egg whites and cream of tartar. Using a handheld mixer whip egg whites until stiff peaks are formed

  4. Using a spatula fold in the egg whites into your batter.

  5. Once griddle or frypan is hot, using a ladle, scoop some of your batter onto the frypan or griddle.

  6. When bubbles start to form on the top of your pancake, use a spatula to flip it. Wait 2 minutes and using the spatula remove the pancake and place it on a cookie sheet. Cover with a clean dish rag to keep your pancakes warm and moist. Repeat with remaining batter.

  7. If you are serving to a large crowd and will be making several batches, heat your oven to 200 degrees. Once you have finished making pancakes, place the cookie sheet into oven covered with aluminum foil to keep the moisture in.

  8. Serve with Maple Syrup.

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