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Baby Style Pork & Apple

This recipe happened completely by accident and it was a HUGE hit with the little monster. It basically mimics the traditional pork and apple combination, but as a puree. It’s a wonderful way to introduce more complex flavors to your baby.

Baby Style Pork and Apple:

1 slice of pork loin, sauteed in butter until completely cooked (no salt or pepper added)

1 cup homemade applesauce

a dab of butter

Pinch of nutmeg

Warm up your applesauce and place the applesauce in your blender. Add the butter and puree for about 10 seconds. Chop up your pork and add 1/2 cup’s worth into your blender. Puree the ingredients. If the puree is a bit thick, add some of your favorite liquid (water, milk, formula or breastmilk). If your puree is too thin, add the remaining pork and puree again until smooth.

Stir in nutmeg.

Serve warm.

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