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Lima Yummy

Okay, not the best picture but I had to run. However this puree is absolutely yummy. You could actually add chicken stock to it and use it as a pasta sauce or a sauce for some roasted chicken.

My Lima Yummy puree is very simple and mixes two fabulous veggies, lima beans and green beans. It’s a great starter food as it’s very smooth and has a sweetness to it.

Lima Yummy Puree:

1 cup organic frozen Lima beans

1/2 cup frozen green beans (you could add a full cup, but watch how much liquid you put in as in can separate the puree)

A dab of butter

Liquid of your choice: breastmilk, formula, whole milk or water. You cold even add a bit of homemade chicken stock

Steam Lima beans and green beans for about 12-15 minutes. Pour steamed veggies and steaming liquid in your blender and puree. Add liquid of your choice to get desired texture. I like my purees to resemble soft mashed potatoes. Puree again. Finally add a dab of butter, just to give it a bit of fat and a nice gloss. Puree again and voila!

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