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Pam's Flavor

I created a group on the ever so popular website Facebook for my little cupcake company. I haven't figured out exactly what to do with the group, but so far I have several members. Two weeks ago I posted a question asking my members if they had any ideas for cupcake flavors. I'm working on launching a Fall Collection of flavors. So far I have Apple Crumble Pie (Jaclyn), Pecan Pie (Rose) and Pumpkin Spice (Tabitha). But yesterday evening I got a message on my Facebook from someone named Marianne. And she sent me two flavor combinations. The one that stuck out was her Baklava one. So that is going to be added to the Fall Collection if I can get my act together and create a Baklava cupcake. Marianne thought the combination of honey, walnuts and cinnamon would be great in a cupcake. I couldn't agree more! But how can I make it into a cupcake that screams Baklava? I'm going to try a couple of things. One, which I hope works, is to use phyllo dough as the cup and bake the cupcake in it.

In the meantime, above is a shot of Pamela, one of the latest and greatest flavors I launched. It's a brownie cupcake (so very gooey), with a vanilla buttercream and a caramel drizzle.

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