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Show Off

A client called me asking me if I could create a "girly" cupcake. She was turning 40 and wanted something cute and sweet. I asked her if she had any ideas and all she said is that she wanted the cupcakes to look too pretty to eat. So I sat in bed that night with the remote in one hand and a glass of Rose in the other and thought to myself...what would be too pretty to eat. I starred at my glass and! And then I went on to pink roses and daisies and leaves and sugar beads and....what else could I put on them? I had to edit my list because if not the cupcakes would look like an explosion of gum paste and her guests would spend a good 30 minutes picking off all the decorations before getting to the actual cupcake.

The end result was sheer girlishness. I took some pink and purple roses and topped all the cupcakes. I added a smaller flower to balance the rose out so it didn't look like a beacon. The beads were a little extra bling.

I love orders like these. When customers give me a general theme to go by but let me create the final design. It's fun and really gives me the opportunity to be creative.

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