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How It All


This online instructional cooking course was created during Lockdown for Covid 19 as a way for children to participate in a fun and social way.  It became apparent to Pippa that children were not interacting during online school the way they did when they were in person. So she created a platform for kids to laugh and be goofy, creative and share their creations with one another. And it was a huge success. The results were incredible, not only did the children socialize, but they became enthusiastic and more importantly they became comfortable and inspired in the kitchen. 

Preparing Food


Safety is always important but  more so in the kitchen. Pippa provides clear direction on how to execute the recipes safely. She will review knife skills and kitchen safety protocols frequently. However, parents are ultimately  responsible for the safety of their children during these classes.

Pippa will send alerts to participating families when a recipe will require frying, cutting with a knife, use of electronic devices such as blenders, food processors or handheld mixers. 

Aerial View of Baking Ingredients


To be successful  in Pippa's Cooking Club, your child will have to have access to Zoom. They will  need a clean working space in the kitchen. Pippa encourages children to prep for every class, lining up all necessary items needed to execute the recipe and pre-measuring ingredients. They may fall behind if they are unable to find an ingredient.  It is also encouraged for children to have a notebook or the printed recipe and a pen handy. Pippa encourages children to taste mixtures and adjust seasoning and that all should be noted so that the recipe can be duplicated exactly as they made it the first time.

Baking Cookies


The classes run 1-2 hours depending on the recipe and technique. Throughout the interactive class, Pippa has an ongoing dialogue with all the kids to make sure they are keeping up and that what they are working on is in line with the recipe.

Please note that a parent is strongly encouraged to be present during the class.   Recipes with a list of ingredients and equipment are sent prior to class. If you prefer your child not to cut with a knife, it is highly encouraged to prep and cut all of the necessary ingredients so they can simply add them when needed. 

Help After Class

As part of this Cooking Club, Pippa has two options to contact her if you have questions when making a recipe and need help. You can contact Pippa via Pippa Chat (on every screen in the lower right hand corner). Pippa Chat and FaceTime help are available M-Sat 10am - 6pm.


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