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To start your journey to making yummy baby food you will need a good blender. I personally love a Vitamix, Beaba Babycook and the Baby Bullet but any blender or handheld food mill would do the trick. Which ever one you select, I would try and have one specifically for baby food and one for everything else. It’s just easier that way as you will be using your baby’s blender quite a bit to prepare his/her gourmet baby food.


You will also need something to store your creations in. I love the Beaba MultiPortion sets for freezing and canning jars for refrigeration (I get mine from the Container Store). If you want to freeze individual ounces, a good icecube tray works well. I prefer ones that have a lid so you can insure that nothing contaminates the baby food. You will need freezer safe ziplock bags to store your frozen food cubes. Lastly, I got myself tiny spatula to scrape out all the goodness from the blender. It's a must have.


There are always new ways of making eating fun. The most recent trend is that of the Fresh Squeezed bags. Just another way to give your little one some homemade goodness. 

That’s pretty much it, although I would highly recommend creating a journal to keep notes on what was successful and what wasn’t.




























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